The Design Process for the Alku Collection

I have drawn upon my experience in the luxury watch industry to design aesthetically pleasing timepieces that pay homage to my cultural background.


The Alku collection is inspired by European dress watches of the 1940s with the domed dial being one of the collection’s key features. As a great admirer of watches from this era, I used the characteristics of this style, fused with Nordic minimalist features on the dial. The collection has vintage flair in all of its proportions.

The Materials

I used my professional knowledge to select high-quality materials in the production of the watch. The movement that powers the watch is the Miyota 9039 calibre which is known for its durability and reliability. The movement is encased in a stainless steel case, with both the back and front of the watch made from sapphire crystal. The straps are made from Italian leather and the bracelets are made from stainless steel. The utilisation of such high-quality material culminates in a watch that will last generations if serviced frequently. 

Quality Control

Susan Galvin personally regulates all watches and conducts extensive quality checks prior to distribution, applying the same protocols she used during her time in the industry. Her professional knowledge and expertise have ensured customer satisfaction.